Abstract Emotions : an ongoing project

This project was started simply as an exercise in animation, to practice animation. But it soon developed into an exercise in thought alongside the practical parts. The brief I set myself was a seemingly simple premise: Could I express emotions in an abstract format, through animation, whilst also trying to avoid using narrative storytelling as much as possible. The project stalled whilst I continued my MA (in Animation) and developed other works including the installation Contraction. Which is why its ongoing, a project I return to sporadically when I can.

Initially I began by using colour to try and distill what emotions meant to me. When I was really stumped, I began using collage to try and express what emotions look like.

During this process I tried to strip myself of prejudice and really consider what it feels like to feel such and such emotion rather then what society conditions us to think about it. Pride is a prime example. Its often considered to be negative train, akin to arrogance, but what does it mean to actually feel pride? Generally it is a positive feeling: We feel pride when we have done something well. I want to make people connect to how these emotions make us feel, not to judge them.

I hope to update this page little by little with more animations.

I started with sketches, procreate doodles and when I was feeling particularly stuck, collage helped to losen up.  Below are some process images.